PM 1to1: how it can help tackle UK’s political crisis

Sunday, August 4, 2019

PM 1to1 is not just a TV programme. It aims to change the political culture and so help tackle the UK’s political crisis.

PM 1to1 would be a significant democratising force and bring UK democracy into the 21st century by empowering people who have up to now been ignored.

Currently, only a small group of people have their voices regularly heard by those with power and the country as a whole. This group is overwhelmingly middle-aged, well-off, white and London-based.

PM 1to1 would dramatically increase the range of voices heard by those in power and by the population more widely.

This would increase political engagement as a result of people seeing other people they easily identify with, in proper conversation with the PM.

It would also dramatically widen the group that effectively sets the national political agenda.