PM 1to1: main elements of the TV programme

Sunday, August 4, 2019

  1. PM 1to1 will be broadcast monthly, coming from all areas of the UK in the course of a year.
  2. Each month ten people, from the area where the programme is based that month, will meet the PM in one-to-one conversation.
  3. The ten people will not be self-selected. They will be selected by an independent company so that together they are as representative as possible of the population of that area.
  4. It is central to the concept of PM 1to1 that, during their conversation, the PM and the member of the public are equals. The set of the programme will be designed accordingly.
  5. Each of the ten people will have five minutes of one-to-one conversation with the PM. It will be completely up to them what they talk about.
  6. There will be no chairperson and no studio audience.
  7. The programme will be broadcast live, with the usual short delay for swearing etc.
  8. Edited highlights will also be shown later.