PM 1to1: the importance of a genuinely representative selection of people

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Most of the UK population never see people like themselves on TV taking part in the national political conversation, let alone being given the opportunity to engage the prime minister in meaningful conversation. Too many think that politics is for the elites; that it’s for “them” and not for the “likes of us”.

PM 1to1 would change that. Imagine what a representative group of people would be like. Over the course of 12 months it might include: -
• A fisherman from Scotland
• A nurse from Northern Ireland
• An entrepreneur from Wales
• A homeless man from London
• A former soldier from Durham
• An Uber driver from Cumbria
• Someone on disability benefits from Birmingham
• A call-centre worker from Norfolk
• A retired lawyer from Devon
• An owner of a small company in Kent

Half of those selected would be men and half would be women. They would be of all ages from 18 to 98 and would reflect the country’s socio-economic and racial mix as well as the proportion of people with a disability.